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Boost your R&D with the next rising stars💫


We are an elite recruitment & mentorship program focused on connecting tech companies with highly skilled Junior developers capable to learn and grow while being part of something big. 



The process


We'll define the optimal developer profile given your company's needs, development DNA, and HR constraints.

Tech Evaluation

Candidates go through a tailor-made home assignment, that simulates a development sprint. We provide a thorough and detailed evaluation of the candidate's problem-solving skills and technical abilities.


We partnered with leading Israeli Academia programs and top Bootcamps to identify promising talents. Then, after a rigorous process, we provide them with exclusive access to our Next Devs network.

On-job Mentoring

We're here for a marathon. A senior software architect will step in to maintain a successful onboarding process, and support the developers with their day-to-day tasks within a 6-12 months mentorship program.

Our story

We are a team of software experts with vast experience in R&D, recruitment, and training. We're here to alter the industry rush after experienced developers.

We all know the paradox - on the one hand, there's a large pool of inexperienced developers, just waiting to be recruited. On the other hand, tech companies are struggling to hire, onboard, and train fresh talent due to limited resources and technical constraints.

Next Devs program was created by software leaders who see this challenge as an opportunity. With our mentors stepping in, employers can enjoy the benefits of hiring Juniors without compromising on development speed or quality. 

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." (Michael Jordan)


Meet The Team


Amit Bakshi

Co-Founder and CEO

A people-person and visionary Manager, passionate over helping R&D teams thrive. Retired IDF officer and seasoned Business Partner, equipped with a strong management acumen and a record of success helping companies grow.

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Matan Bakshi

Co-Founder, CTO, Mentor

Elite intelligence unit alumnus, Tech Mentor and Entreprenuer. In the past 8 years, Matan served in various R&D roles, from hands-on practices to leading teams. Matan has a strong technical background developing coding bootcamps and mentoring dozens of fresh talents.

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Yogev Mizrahi

Software Architect, Mentor

Elite intelligence unit alumnus, and Software Architect. Through his career, Yogev managed tens of developers and wrote thousands of lines of code. Yogev is passionate about maximizing the hidden potential of junior developers for building amazing products.

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Let's solve the developer shortage together.

2 HaShunit street, Herzliyah, Israel

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